The Don Blanche artist residency was created to provide a safe haven of interdisciplinary experimentation, away from the pressures of the city and outside of the gallery network, in a setting where living and working become elemental; where the line between life and art is blurred, and new hybrid socio-pedagogical practices are invented and encouraged. The residency takes place from August 18 to September 3, 20112and is open to any artist or individual interested, with no fee or application process.

Housed within a massive 8,000 square foot Frankenbarn, created by Don Miller and made from generations of felled barns rebuilt into a unique, one-of-a-kind structure, the residency provides both an inspired atmosphere and indoor living quarters/studio facilities for up to 35 residents. Existing off the grid using solar power, wind power, well water and multiple wood stoves, Don Blanche is an oasis,a retreat, a facility and program unlike anything in Ontario. Artists in residence may use any of the creative facilities, project sites, cooking facilities, media equipment and materials that we have, choosing to work either independently or collaboratively. Equipment and space bookings need only be made if more than one artist wants the same thing at the same time.

Don's residency dip by Swintak

Artist projects can be presented at the end of the residency as part of the weekend-long Open-House, though not all projects need be finished; some projects are shared as ideas in progress, while others are programmed as scheduled events. Open workshops, walks, talks and other forms of presenting works in progress can be included in the festival program. While evening meals take place collectively, other activities such as swimming, sauna, bathing, walking, burning, harvesting and “trip to store” are generally done in smaller, self-organizing groups. Artists who require private time, special diets, specific exercise, lighting conditions, power outlets, uncommon tools or specific conditions, must make their requests known as soon as possible, or be prepared to fend for yourselves.

Don Blanche’s Residency Program in 2010 is sponsored by:

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