Fall 2009 was the first ever Don Blanche, hosting over a dozen artists in residence, and attracting a large number of visitors/campers during the course of the festival weekend, many of which were from the local community. The residency and festival brought together a wide range of collective experimentation, meals and individual artistic pursuits that came to be known as Don Blanche. Don Blanche 2010 continued to provide a place where artists can help each other, collaborate, intervene each others’ works and the landscape. Snapshots from 2009-11, for more pictures befriend SwintakSwintak on facebook.


Weird Woods, Intuitive Carpentry Tours, Homemade IMAX 3-D, 100-Gallon Drum Barbecue, The Other It, Mushroom Foray, Pies, Fog-on Fog, Daylight Projection, Video Potluck, Burr Chairs and Collection Outfits, HVBNM,. 909999, Swimming Pond, Cubist Workshop, Sauna Made of Fridges, Intuitive Carpentry

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