Open House

Friday August 30 – Sunday September 1, 2013 (labour day weekend)

The Don Blanche Open House is a free, weekend-long day-and-night outside the city art thing. Visitors are invited to explore Don’s property transformed by artists: discover things in fields, forests, ponds, barns and unexpected places.  All are welcome to join us to make things, see things, eat things and do things.

The Don Blanche Open House takes place on Labour Day long weekend, August 31-September 3 2012, where both indoor and outdoor projects and projects in process are presented in a context that mixes artists with non-artists. Local community groups, family, neighbours, business owners, teachers, librarians and farmers are invited to attend Don Blanche, camping overnight for the weekend.

The 2012 Open-House Included

  • A self-guided circuit of interest, happenings and events during the daytime
  • Scheduled performances, events, walking tour of installations, screenings
  • Daily early afternoon and evening feasts, including local harvest potluck
  • The annual twilight “fog-on-fog fog-off”
  • A Saturday night formal attire VJ dance party patch in the main Frakenbarn

Shoshoneah McKay in the Primordial Purification Spa, Floating Cottage (under construction).  Photos Courtesy of Sandy Plotnikoff

The Don Blanche festival has been supported by: