Creative Facilities

Don Blanche’s creative production facilities provide a diverse range of tools, resources and sites for artistic exploration free of charge to residents. Artists have full access to a custom, fully-equipped wood shop, metal shop, arc/oxy-acetylene welder, coal fired forge, tractor and truck. Current media facilities include the use of two projectors, various screens, a one-chip video camera, stand up piano, and a professional grade PA System which includes a mixer, speaker, amps and microphone, (in partnership with ED Video). Artists may use use any site on the property for projects, including the fields, forest, two cabins, driveway, outhouse, swimming pond, and sauna. Projects may also be located within the Frankenhouse or garden, so long as it improves the space for future residents and is okay by Don. There is also a scrap yard of various materials such as a couple of junked cars, various wood, metal and building supply scraps that artist may ask to use. Permanent sculptural projects, or projects that are intended to be reworked on an annual basis are also welcome. Artists need only ask, and we will do our best to facilitate.

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