Got questions about the residency or Artist’s Open-House? Contact us at: donblancheresidency(at)
If you wish to come to the Open-House on August 30 to September 1, our address is:

Rural Road #6 (4th Line and County Road 21)
Shelburne Ontario
L0W 1S9*

Please note that Don Blanche cannot yet be located by googlemaps or mapquest, so for google your way to Shelburne and follow the directions below. A cycling map is also included below.

DRIVING DIRECTIONS: (verbally from Shelburne)

  • Turn north on HWY 124 and one km east of Shelburne, Beer Store and No Frills on corner.
  • You will reach Redickville, 10km aprrox, turn west on County Road 21
  • The 2nd right turn, called the 4th Line is Don Blanche Road
  • Travel north for 1km at #438554 turn west (there is a sign that says Don Blanche, and reflective tape in the bullrushes)
  • Call (519) 925-6376 if you get lost that is our landline. You may also text or call area code 647 number 701-0048



  • Through Long Branch to Mississauga Rd. (immediately after Credit River)
  • Zig over to Heritage before or at Steeles (to avoid dicey patch of Mississauga Rd. with construction).
  • Heritage to Bovard, right on Bovard back to Mississauga Rd.
  • Mississauga Rd. to Belfountain (lots of oldster motorbikelists here + a general store where you can refill water, and buy a coffee/lunch/ice cream).
  • West/left onto Bush over to Shaws Creek, a really quiet rd. with a no truck rule and good ‘share the road with bikes’ warning signs.
  • Shaws Creek to Orangeville Caledon Townline. O C Townline to B or A line.
  • A / B Line to Broadway/Dufferin County Rd. 109 (busy highway), tiny jog east/right to Dufferin Rd. 16 aka. Mono Ameranth Townline aka Veterans Way.
  • *Don’t confuse Dufferin 16 with west to Dufferin County Rd. 11: too many trucks, no shoulder.
  • Dufferin 11 is a bad road. You could just make your way through Orangeville however you like, but it’s easy to get mixed up in the town. Mono Ameranth/ Dufferin 16 is very quiet and has a no truck rule.
  • North until it turns to dirt at Highway 89, turn left and 89 becomes the Main St. of Shelburn. Over to Owen Sound St. aka Highway 10. Stay North and it turns into Side Rd. 3.
  • Rural Route 21 and left on dirt to Line 4. Don’s is a little north: #438554


  • Sleeping Bags/Matts
  • Tent if you have one
  • Boots and Sweaters
  • Flashlight
  • Water
  • Anything to grill or bbq
  • Anything delicious to share or eat
  • Videos to project
  • Projects  or projects in process to present as all welcome to present!