The Don Blanche residency offers three levels of indoor sleeping accommodation for up to 35 artists: a free form dorm, (least privacy), an indoor tent city, (some privacy), and a loft with several double beds, (most privacy). Outdoor camping sites are also available for those who wish to bring their own tents, motor homes or campers. Don Blanche provides spacious collective cooking facilities, including an extra-large wood stove with a hot water compartment, two hot plates, a 100-gallon drum barbecue, brick pizza oven, fire pit, and giant cauldron, (for boiling corn etc.). There is also a large garden, ample fresh herbs and a fantastic dining room that has a 22-foot long banquet table, milled from a single tree and that seats 26-28 people.

While breakfast and lunch are generally self serve, dinner is a communal event, with a nightly creative cooker leading each meal. Food is grown in the garden, donated and purchased from local sources such as Hundred Mile Store, a local supplier of goods from small to mid-size organic farms and home-made artisan goods. All meals are provided free of charge to the artists in residence, though artists are also encouraged to bring spectacular or unresolved dishes to share with other residents.

All bedding, cookware and dishes are provided for those who don’t wish to bring their own. All accommodations are free of charge to artists in residence and visitors to the festival. As the majority of sleeping spaces are dorm style with privacy partitions, residents are expected to make their space their own, and be mindful of others’ things.  Indoor spaces are rustic, so be prepared for a little dust, bring socks, a towel and plenty of clean clothes.

Photos courtesy of Christine Swintak and Sandy Plotnikoff

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